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A typical example is to have a UNIMATE when you wake up and take a BALANCE 5-10 mins before your meals. The Feel Great System is flexible so it can fit into any lifestyle. When you get started, you will receive more detailed instructions on how to use it.

Introducing fiber can increase bloating or gas in some people. This temporary effect should diminish in 2-3 weeks once your body acclimates to the daily increase in fiber. If you’re very uncomfortable, consider reducing your consumption to 1 or 1/2 packet a day until your body adjusts.

Continue to eat the foods that you love! The system helps bridge the gap in your nutrition and helps improve your metabolic health.

Everyone begins their journey with different levels of health, so it’s not possible to accurately predict when you’ll see the results you’re looking for. For some people they see changes in a day, for others a week.  And for MANY others, it takes at least six weeks depending on many health/diet factors. Remember, patience and consistency is the key.

Yes. We recommend having an additional serving between meals to help curb your hunger and any cravings to snack. Because of its caffeine content we don’t recommend taking it before attempting to sleep.

Yes. If you have more than two meals a day. We always recommend taking a BALANCE before every meal.

Shipping takes 5-10 business days, not including weekends/holidays. If you do not receive a tracking number by the next business day after you ordered, call Unicity Customer Service at 1-800-Unicity

Step 1: Find Member ID on receipt/welcome email. This is your referral code to share your discount Step 2: Share Member ID with family member/friend Step 3: Go to unicityscience.orgufeelgreat.com enter referral code in blue box Step 4: Complete checkout process Members get rewarded in product credits when referring other members to the Feel Great System
More info on the science and studies of the products can be found at unicityscience.org
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